Happy clients with their catch from the tower

​Charter Fishing

The Camp

It's an experience you'll never forget


  • ​All equipment furnished​
  • Water
  • Artificial bait


  • Polarized Sunglasses
  • Sun Screen
  • Hat
  • Outerwear appropriate for ride out
  • Sandwiches or snacks
  • Adult beverages are allowed, for the ride back
  • Camera

Captain Mark holding a 40" Redfish that frequent the shallows and offers sight fishing anglers shots of a lifetime.

Hunting Red Fishing Charters specializes in sight fishing Redfish.  From Nov. through mid-March the big girls can be found on shallow flats adjacent to deep water.  These flats off main channels are generally 10” to 3' deep.   Hunting from the tower,  you can see these brutes (many over 40”, 25 to 35 lbs.) cruising the shallow flats looking for an easy meal.   When these brutes move back out to the passes we concentrate inside the marsh in shallow ponds and coves and catch slot fish (16” – 27”).  The slot limit is 5 fish per person per day with one over slot allowed per angler per day.  Redfish are excellent table fair either on the half shell baked or grilled.  They are also very good filleted and fried.    Slot fish can be found year round inside the marsh in shallow ponds. 

We are hunting fish.  I have an excellent knowledge of where these fish are but they do move around.  Hence, Hunting Red.  If you enjoy hunting and fishing, I’ve taken both elements and married it into a thrill packed day on the water.

This is your trip, I tailor it to the skill level of the anglers.  Sight fishing requires a skill above blind casting and may not be right for every angler but the thrill of watching the fish eat is worth it for the skilled angler.  You have mere seconds once you spot the fish to process where you are going to cast to intercept the cruising target.  Put the bait in the right spot and an eat is almost assured.  Then hold on as these fish will rip off large chunks of line and push the drag to its limit.  If your skill level is not quite there, we have other techniques that will enhance your chances of experiencing the pulling-power of these worthy adversaries. 

Hunting Red fish camp is located in Dulac La.  Nestled right in the middle between Cocodrie and Dularge La.  By boat we can get to the east and west side, but why when you're sitting right on top of world class fishing literally right from the launch.  The launch is half a mile from the camp at Four Points Landing.  The camp comfortably sleeps 7 in their own bed.  There is a King in the Captains quarters, 2 Queens in client quarters and for overflow there is a twin bunk bed and 2 queen sofa beds.  The camp is fully equipped with a full kitchen, T.V. and internet as well as washer and dryer.  It's like home away from home only it's a fish camp. 

Tower Boat with Captain Mark at the helm.

Fishing Guide

Hunting Red Inshore Charter Fishing

Our focus is to provide the angler with a total experience.  Engulf yourself into the Cajun culture where fishing and living off the natural resources that abound this area are a way of life.  You'll stay at the camp with the Captain.  Sit around the evening before your trip and just shoot the breeze, talking fishing and what the plan for next days is.  Arrangements are available for a Cajun boil of Shrimp, crawfish, or crabs, and the fixings of whatever is in season.  We like to have our fun.  Take a charter fishing trip in south Louisiana and you will have memories for a lifetime.


The Captain, a seasoned outdoorsman from when his father first took him hunting and fishing at age 5.  I have fished a variety of inland waters.  The trout streams of wild wonderful West Virginia,  Salmon run in Michigan, saltwater of the outer banks in North and south Carolina, the Texas flats and marshland.   The most fertile waters I have fished to date are right here, arguably the redfish capital of the world.  South Louisiana.  It simply doesn't get any better than this for trophy redfish.  Consistently catches of 20+ lb. redfish occur year round.  We also go after other inshore species such as Speckle Trout, Flounder and Black Drum.  However, it is sight fishing Bull Redfish we specialize in.

I have a 19' custom flats boat by Trans Sport.  It is made for pushing back into the shallows where these giants come up to warm during the warm days of winter.  It drafts 8" to 10",  can run in approximately 4" to 6" of water and comfortably fish 3 people.   It is equipped with a Minn Kota 80# I-pilot trolling motor I run from a remote to sneak in on unsuspecting redfish, Minn Kota Talon to anchor down when we have multiple fish opportunities.  Lowrance HDS 9 gen 3 touch with 100's of waypoints for every wind and tide condition.  We fish from a custom made tower perched 8' off the water.  From that vantage point you can see these redfish cruising the shallow flats.  We find the fish, Hence Hunting Red..... 

I also run a 24' Bluewave bay boat for those seeking Speckle Trout.  It is equipped with a Yamaha 300 hp,